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Is there a future for Prepress?

In short: YES!

I was recently following a discussion on LinkedIn where some were questioning the future of Prepress. I really don't think it will go away in our lifetime, it's an old and ongoing discussion but for me it comes down to this:

Maybe it will decrease even more with better web-to-print applications but it will not go away. It also depends on your market segment: an industrial flexo printshop is much more demanding than your local offset printshop.
Customer education is the key, you can teach many customers how to supply a print-ready file but not all of them.

From another point of view:
Are you willing to risk loss of income because the customer is unhappy with the finished product? And when it seems there is a problem with the file at the moment it goes to press. Who is going to fix it? Are you going to send it back to the customer asking him to sort it out? At which time your press could be standing still, you have to switch jobs: costs, delays, ...

But still, somehow prepress is becoming some sort of myth or a well kept secret: in many cases customers don't want to pay for it and printshops will not charge them to get the job, so a lot of people act like it doesn't exist. They see it as an unnecessary cost but it's only when you try to get rid of it that the problems really start.

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The new iPod shuffle speaks to you


Last week Apple released a new iPod Shuffle, 4GB storage for €75.

The main new feature is VoiceOver which gives the iPod shuffle a voice. With the press of a button, it speaks to you, telling you what song is playing and who’s performing it. Could be handy sometimes since there is no display wink

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New Mac mini, finally


Forgot to post this earlier but a couple of weeks ago Apple finally released an updated Mac mini.

It looks the same but has much improved graphics with the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M chipset. This chipset is also used for the MacBook and the new (updated) iMac. It also has more memory, faster CPU and more storage. Long overdue if you ask me... wink

As I mentioned, the iMac line was also updated, adding a 24inch model and updating the others with more memory, faster CPU, ...

I might finally buy me a Mac mini to put under, and hook up to my TV as a mediacenter. I've been waiting for an updated mini for a while now, never wanted to buy the old model because of the crappy graphics chipset. I need this thing to play HD movies smoothly smile

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Remember when...


This was posted on the homepage of The Pirate Bay...

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The car I should have bought 4 years ago


I really enjoyed my first Ford Focus: looks good, drives great, reliable, ... But somehow I always felt a little bit of regret that I did not buy the 1.8 TDci instead of the 1.6i petrol. A petrol engine is really fun to drive, you rev it, and then you rev it some more... and it sounds great. But a diesel is easier to drive in todays traffic and it has so much torque at lower revs, and let's not forget the fuel consumption. On top of that, I should have bought the Duval kit, ok it was an extra €1.500 but it looks so much nicer.

So, having lost my job and company car I started looking for a new ride. I had already pretty much made up my mind but then I found this baby: Ford Focus 1.8 TDci (2004), 115hp with a Duval kit and less than 100.000 km! And I even like the color! Time to rectify the mistakes of the past wink

The deal has been signed, if all goes well it should be in front of my door in less than a week smile

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Remember Enfield?

Harry Enfield was "the start in our reasonably priced car" on Top Gear not so long ago. Made me think back about all those hilarious clips, I'm sure Zim knows what I'm talking about wink

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Choose your flavor

Ok, the flavor selector is finally online again. I'm currently adding some new ones and will be updating them in the future.
The idea is to add a preference pane where registered visitors can choose their default flavor. Unregistered visitors can choose their flavor from the list on top and this will be remembered for 10 hours (this is how it currently works for everyone).

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Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon


For me unquestionably the greatest LP cover of all times.

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Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

One of those songs (and clips) that sends shivers up your spine.
Comfortably Numb, what a great expression.

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F1 2009 line up


As the new season approaches, the teams are presenting their cars for 2009. It will be an interesting year with many changes to the rules, most of them intended to create more overtaking opportunities and to reduce costs. This could be the ideal moment for the "lesser" teams to move to the front of the pack.

Here are some of the new rules.

Massive aerodynamic changes.
A wider and lower front wing to reduce turbulence when chasing other cars and a narrower tail wing to reduce down force. All weird aerodynamic body parts are banned and the driver can adjust the front wing himself during the race.

The return of slicks after 10 years of grooved tires for more mechanical grip.

The rev limit of the engines has been lowered from 19.000 to 18.000rpm. A driver can only use 8 engines over the whole season, if he uses more he is moved back 10 places on the grid.

Introduction of KERS: Kinetic Energy Recovery System.
There are several KERS variations (electric, mechanic or hydraulic) but the one that most teams will use is the electrical one. This includes an electric motor (MGU), high capacity batteries and a control box (KCU) that manages everything.
When the car is braking, the MGU is used to charge the batteries and this extra power can be released by the driver with a "boost" button on the steering wheel.
The power output is limited to about 60kW or 80bhp and the driver can only use 400kJ per lap, this means they can use the boost for about 6.7 seconds per lap.
There are some downsides of course, the whole system weighs about 35kg, reducing the possibility to play around with weight distribution to balance the car.
Also, there is not one system for all teams, some may even choose not to use KERS.

And finally they have changed the stupid rule where the pit lane is closed for a while when the safety car is deployed. Instead, all cars will now get a "minimum time to pits" depending on their position on the track.

Should be a very interesting season indeed wink

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