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Finally the wait is over, last week GTA IV was released for PC, more than 6 months after the PS3 and Xbox release.
Of course I had to go get it immediately, have been playing it since wink

I must say, this game was a bitch to install, it took me over 3 hours to get it running. Had to upgrade WinXP to SP3, install this, install that, fatal error this, fatal error that...

Any other game would have been thrown out the window but this one was worth it.

posted by khasmir on 10 December, 2008 | add a comment
category: games

FC Zillegem champion of VII.754


For the Hattrick players amongst us:
it is with great pride that I announce that FC Zillegem is the champion of series VII.754. I must say it was a bit unexpected but for some reason the other teams were not able to maintain the same level they showed in the beginning of the season. Let's hope this time we can stay at level 6 for more than one season wink

posted by khasmir on 10 February, 2008 | add a comment
category: games

CoD4 is Game Of The Year 2007


Call of Duty 4 has been voted the 9lives Ultimate Game Of The Year 2007. Seems logical to me since it's one of the best games that is available for all major platforms (except Mac OSX). Personally I think the single player game was a bit short, but fun. The multi player part on the other hand is absolutely worth the money.

posted by khasmir on 7 January, 2008 | add a comment
category: games

Game Of The Year Awards 2007


9lives, one of the biggest Belgian gaming sites organised a poll to select the best games of 2007 for each platform.

posted by khasmir on 3 January, 2008 | add a comment
category: games

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