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Last Thursday there was an unexpected twist in the story about the Australian GP. The entire McLaren team has been disqualified for providing misleading information about the incident where Jarno Trulli supposedly overtook Lewis Hamilton behind the safety car.
This means Trulli get his 3rd place back and 0 points for Hamilton. For me it reinforces the bad image McLaren have had for years as being an unfair team.

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F1 2009 line up


As the new season approaches, the teams are presenting their cars for 2009. It will be an interesting year with many changes to the rules, most of them intended to create more overtaking opportunities and to reduce costs. This could be the ideal moment for the "lesser" teams to move to the front of the pack.

Here are some of the new rules.

Massive aerodynamic changes.
A wider and lower front wing to reduce turbulence when chasing other cars and a narrower tail wing to reduce down force. All weird aerodynamic body parts are banned and the driver can adjust the front wing himself during the race.

The return of slicks after 10 years of grooved tires for more mechanical grip.

The rev limit of the engines has been lowered from 19.000 to 18.000rpm. A driver can only use 8 engines over the whole season, if he uses more he is moved back 10 places on the grid.

Introduction of KERS: Kinetic Energy Recovery System.
There are several KERS variations (electric, mechanic or hydraulic) but the one that most teams will use is the electrical one. This includes an electric motor (MGU), high capacity batteries and a control box (KCU) that manages everything.
When the car is braking, the MGU is used to charge the batteries and this extra power can be released by the driver with a "boost" button on the steering wheel.
The power output is limited to about 60kW or 80bhp and the driver can only use 400kJ per lap, this means they can use the boost for about 6.7 seconds per lap.
There are some downsides of course, the whole system weighs about 35kg, reducing the possibility to play around with weight distribution to balance the car.
Also, there is not one system for all teams, some may even choose not to use KERS.

And finally they have changed the stupid rule where the pit lane is closed for a while when the safety car is deployed. Instead, all cars will now get a "minimum time to pits" depending on their position on the track.

Should be a very interesting season indeed wink

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