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WLXQuickTimeControlHost.exe using all CPU

A friend of mine ran into a problem with the Windows Live Photo Gallery. Seems like it contains some buggy code that tries to generate thumbnails for Quicktime movies. This can cause your computer to freeze when you open a folder that contains Quicktime movies.

See the link at the end for a solution, this will stop windows trying to generate those thumbnails, it will also make Windows Live Photo Gallery more responsive.
Note: if you install updates for WLPG you will most likely need to run the fix again.

posted by khasmir on 5 January, 2009 | add a comment
categories: photography, software

Panoramic photo's the easy way


Found a very easy way to make panoramic photo's using Windows Live Photo Gallery. I'm not a big fan of Microsoft but this is not a bad app to organize your photo's on a PC (nowhere as good as iPhoto on Mac but still... wink)

The great thing about it is that it's very easy to combine multiple sequential pictures in one panoramic photo. Just select the pictures with the checkboxes, goto Make -> Create panoramic photo... just wait a min and there you go, a nice panoramic photo that would take you a very long time to make manually in Photoshop. Sometimes there are some errors or visual distortions but nothing you can't fix in Photoshop. Just click on the image above, it's a 360 degree panoramic view of Sydney, taken from the Sydney Tower. I made this one in 2 minutes, just selected and make...

posted by khasmir on 2 January, 2009 | add a comment
categories: photography, software

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