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A new beginning

The search is over and the deal has been signed. On Monday April 20 I am starting a new career as Quality Coordinator at Druco in Halle. Druco is part of the Colruyt Group so it's safe to say I'll have a good employer. I'll be getting external training regarding ISO qualification and other quality management techniques so should be a very interesting experience. The only small downside is the distance but it's by far the most interesting opportunity that I could find. And the way I see it, the extra distance gives me more time to enjoy my car wink

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Is there a future for Prepress?

In short: YES!

I was recently following a discussion on LinkedIn where some were questioning the future of Prepress. I really don't think it will go away in our lifetime, it's an old and ongoing discussion but for me it comes down to this:

Maybe it will decrease even more with better web-to-print applications but it will not go away. It also depends on your market segment: an industrial flexo printshop is much more demanding than your local offset printshop.
Customer education is the key, you can teach many customers how to supply a print-ready file but not all of them.

From another point of view:
Are you willing to risk loss of income because the customer is unhappy with the finished product? And when it seems there is a problem with the file at the moment it goes to press. Who is going to fix it? Are you going to send it back to the customer asking him to sort it out? At which time your press could be standing still, you have to switch jobs: costs, delays, ...

But still, somehow prepress is becoming some sort of myth or a well kept secret: in many cases customers don't want to pay for it and printshops will not charge them to get the job, so a lot of people act like it doesn't exist. They see it as an unnecessary cost but it's only when you try to get rid of it that the problems really start.

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Adobe lays off 600 workers, CS4 sales slow


Wednesday Adobe announced they will lay off approximately 600 full-time positions globally because of weaker than expected fourth quarter earnings. They also said demand for Creative Suite 4 was weaker than expected and "the main cause for the shortfall in fourth quarter revenue."

"The global economic crisis significantly impacted our revenue during the fourth quarter," said Shantanu Narayen, president and chief executive officer. "We have taken action to reduce our operating costs and fine-tune the focus of our resources on key strategic priorities."

Sry Adobe but the problem is that these are way too short release cycles, people are not money-cows. And with the current economic climate I think nobody was waiting for CS4.
This time I think they pushed people too far and now they have to suffer the consequences.

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Artpro 9


Artpro 9 has been released. It has quite a lot of new features, most of them are the result of the merger between Esko and Artwork Systems.

Here are some of them:

  • Import and export Esko Normalized PDF

  • Native ArtiosCAD (.ard) import and export

  • Native EskoArtwork Flexible Bag (.bag) import

  • viewX

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